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    About Abridge Me The Youtube Series

    Depending on this project I either sent it through discord (most likely) or you were searching for Seduce Me related stuff to voice in.

    Either way, welcome!

    So, as you can tell by the title this is going to be an abridged series on the visual novel and dating simulator called Seduce Me the Otome.

    Don't know what it is? I don't care,.

    I'm joking.

    The story of Seduce Me the Otome is about an 18-year-old girl who had recently lost her grandfather and was willed his mansion to her, and because of that, she was forced to move there the day after, since her dad's kind of a dick. However, when she moves she finds 5 hot guys wounded in her house, and she finds out they're incubi, demons of sex, and they were escaping from being killed. So, our protagonist graciously offers to let them stay until they were able to leave and fend for themselves.

    As I said, this is a visual novel and dating simulator, and what I want from this abridge is to expand on it more because it, unfortunately, was shorter than expected.

    Now, how I want to work on this; there are MANY choices in Seduce Me the Otome,  there are about 9 romance options and a lot of bad, good, and neutral endings. However, I will be only working on one route, which is the canon route.  If the series is successful enough I'll consider making 'what if' shorts of the other romance options, other endings, and etc.

    What I want from YOU is:

    Clean Audio - I don't care what kind of mic you use as long as your audio is clear of background noises and white noises, and if it isn't I'll edit it myself to see if it's worth it, but being as I am working by myself with 85% of the series I would rather appreciate it if you could 

    Have Discord - Discord is essential for interaction with me and the other voice actors involved and if you don't have it you gotta make one if you're planning on auditioning here

    Be Decent - I don't expect everyone to get along handy-dandy, however, I will not tolerate fighting. If fighting occurs there will be three chances. The first is a warning in private, the second is a warning in public, and the third is kicking you out of the Discord server

    16 or Older - this is not up for discussion.

    Now that that's done, I should explain what's gonna be in this abridge.

    What's Going To Be There:
    Adult Language (sexual content, cursing, etc.)
    Mentions of torture, sexual assault, abuse, and death

    What's NOT Going To Be There:
    Actual voiced sex scenes (which is ironic considering it's about sex demons)

    I wish you luck! ^^


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold