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    About 「7 member chorus」SINGERS NEEDED!!!【Fall Out Boy】


    Welcome to my scouting for vocalist! The reason why I'm holding this casting call is because I REALLY REALLY wanted to do a chorus of centuries! Hence's the title, but anyways this will be a 7 member chorus, so I'll be casting 6 individuals within this scouting. We will be using "Sing King Karaoke's" instrumental!

    As far as mixing and animating goes, I'll do the mixing and animating! Although it'd be super nice to have someone that could help out since I only know so much (PS: If your wondering what I use to mix it's adobe audition and what I use to animate is FilmoraGo or also known as Wondershare but I haven't payed for the full thing yet so I'm in a bit of a pickle with that but we'll manage)  


    Normally when I hold casting calls and such, I don't normally ask for people to record a specific song and such, although for this song I want to blend test with the vocals to see whose vocals match with who else's vocals, so I won't have to worry about someone having completely different vocals and ranges from each other, plus it will lower the chances of the cast re-recording over and over, which can be such a headache, I get that so that's my reason for blend testing.

    Also to go with that, PLEASE stay in time with the actual song! I don't want to keep on chopping up a audition just to see who that person fits with, I didn't setup this casting auditions just to mix someone else's faulty auditions (Oof I sounded a bit harsh there)

    Another thing as well DO NOT USE instrumental music in the background of the audition, you can use it to time your vocals but don't leave it there, if you fail this rule then I will say that your audition is audition will not be accepted because you failed to follow this very important rule.

    ANYWAYS! Sorry if I may sound a bit harsh but this is VERY important, I'll also repeat this in the auditioning thingy mingy it self! Thank you for checking out my casting call and hope you enjoy auditioning! 


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold