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Moe Miner's Previously Completed Works

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    About [3D Short Series] Don't Make Me the Lead in Your Next Harem!


    Shinji Tsukasa has read and watched everything harem under the sun and after all of that, despite what his classmates, his best friend Sasuke or his old perverted grandpa says, Shinji knows one thing for sure: He absolutely doesn’t want to lead a female harem of girls. Too many hassles. Too many awkward situations. He doesn’t need this in his life right now.

    …unfortunately Shinji pisses off the local shrine deity which prompts her to make his worst nightmare come true: He will lead an all-female harem of ladies with the added condition that if he falls into 100 harem anime clichés, she’ll turn him into a statue for the shrine forever.

    This is a fanmade series in using 3D sprites and animating them by hand using the CGI computer graphics program Studio Filmaker.
    If you have no idea what Studio Filmaker is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afzHMREjnJo

    We'll be doing two short episodes (in the style of anthology shorts) as a test run before continuing with further episodes.

    Our 3D sprites are a few weeks ago from being completed so we can start casting voice actors for them. We want to start lip motion capture, which will be done by our crew members, but we still need talented people to provide the actual voices, not just the lip movement. These lines will be matched to the corresponding lip movements and the animation added to 3D sprites.

    We're trying to play around with tropes, but also include plenty of humour and some fanservice (bc people like that apparently). We’re trying to make it crowd pleasing and funny at the same time while using hand animated 3D models which is cheap, but so cool!

    I wanna keep the drama of a regular anime, but subvert as many classic cliches to hilarious "abridged" level comedy.

    Please have a decent mic and acting skills. Good comedic delivery and please audition for multiple characters. Also bear in mind that while this project will consist of short episodes like "MC always sits in the same spot in the classroom" or "running into each other and accidental groping", there will be a few of them on and off.

    LINES CAN BE SENT TO: [redacted]

    if you're available as a writer, you are a funny person and know anime cliches inside and out and think you can make sport of them, we're also looking for another writer.

    DEADLINE: 5 July 2017

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold