Music composer, developer, (motion) graphics, websites, sound design, cat enthusiast.

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About TruddyTheDuddi

Hi this is ddemkoo! I like to make stuff. I do everything creative as a hobby next to my studies!

In most cases I'm the one looking for talent on this site for my ambitious projects. I work on everything with tons of dedication and passion, so I can guarantee quality from my end :)


  • Songwriting / Mixing: I'm creating my own music. It can range from a big variety of genres, but I am mostly familiar with Electric, Downtempo, sampled stuff, Cinematic/Orchestral, Lo-fi, EDM, mainstream Pop and a bit of Rock. I also mix my songs, super tedious.

  • Video editing: I can do advanced motion graphics, video editing. I've made trailers in the past, promotional content.

  • Art: Still practicing as it is very mysterious domain for me, but I can get the basic stuff done

  • 3D Stuff: Character modelling, environments, texturing and animation.

  • Game development: Outside the CCC scope, but I'm making and coding my own games.

  • General coding: Anything that involves scripting can do. I've got a soft spot for making social medial like websites.

What TruddyTheDuddi is looking for

I originally joined so that I could find people who are enthusiastic about their work and hobbies, who'd like to help out an equally enthusiastic dude in their hobbies, so as to make something dope together!

  • @poppletron

    Someone I've enjoyed working for so far and will continue to enjoy if more work finds it's way to me. They are an individual with many talents that continue to impress me. Would highly recommend.