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About PrincessMuk

Hello! My name is Madyson, and I am a singer, actress, writer, producer, and director!

I often play teenagers and young adult females, but can do younger characters as well for either gender.

I can sing mezzo-soprano and soprano, give or take a few of the highest notes. I am most comfortable from an E3 to a A5. However, I have hit notes from B5 to D#6 before, though that range is mostly whistle tones.

I'm especially interested in doing dramatic readings, narration, character parts, musical parts, and song covers. Podcasts, machinimas, and animation work best for my abilities (especially with a global pandemic hehe) but I am always ready for a challenge. I look forward to auditioning and casting on this site!

  • @ves_official

    It was very difficult to find a voice for this one character, but once Madyson auditioned I knew I had to cast her for the role! She nailed the part, and she was very quick with sending in the lines as well! Her acting was so on point, I'm very glad I got to work with her!