Sam Shown

Sam Shown

NYC Actor, Writer, Maker of Internet Videos, Certified Goofball

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About Sam Shown

With passion for animation and voice work ignited by using Flipnote Studio in 2010, my goal is to help tell engaging stories. From self-produced works to full-scale productions, the quality of my work is something I care very deeply about.

Eastern Oregon University - 2019

Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts

Instructed by
Eastern Oregon University - 2019

Bachelor of Music

Instructed by

Vocal Performance


Per Line: $5 per line. $100 minimum.

Per Hour: $250 per hour. 1hr minimum.

Always happy to negotiate.

What Sam Shown is looking for

Open to all voice work. Experienced in character work (animation/video game), corporate promo, e-learning, and more. All inquiries welcome.

  • @melancholy-marionette

    Sam is a phenomenal voice actor who not only played the character I cast him as (Takaaki - Yandere Heaven) fantastically but was also professional throughout and delivered lines swiftly, which is a massive help when trying to work to game jam deadlines!

    I would highly recommend Sam for anything you happen to need an epic voice talent for :3