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About Neph Voices

Hi, I'm Neph! I'm a 24F voice actress with a voice register on the lower end. I have a good emotional range from lighthearted to seductive to villainous, and I have a knack for imitating voices. Please reach out to me if you'd like your projects voiced!

My Discord and Twitter: @nephvoices


My rates are on a per-project basis and I work with clients of various budgets. As a guideline, my rates are most in line with the Global Voice Academy Rate Guide at Please reach out to me even if you don't have a budget and we can discuss!

  • @ghostbabble

    Neph is glowing with talent, "lightning in a bottle" doesn't do her vocal performance justice. Being able to do 3 distinct voices on a whim is a marvelous sight to see, let alone hear. She was a pleasure to work with and I can't thank her enough on how her voice impacted this project. Having her on your project is a no-brainer!