Self-proclaimed singer! Often Rui SVA 

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About Kairosicle

Self-proclaimed singer, attempting VA stuff but not too confident about it-

I like Rui Kamishiro, and I'm the Rui SVA in Our Vivid Tale

Nb masc, any pronouns EXCEPT she/her, please! :)

What Kairosicle is looking for

I like to join singing things, hoping to start finding singing projects to get paid for! I don't swear, though.

  • @shefox_va

    Better friend :D

  • @shefox_va

    Bestest friend with an amazing singing voice. You should hire him as a SVA in all your projects.

  • @artimu5

    Literally the best person on planet earth. His voice and personality is amazing, fantastic, extraordinary. Every second working with or just being around him is precious. 10/10, 5 stars