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About Artimus

Hobbyist editor, artist, animator, writer, and vocalist ✌️

Artimus, often referred to as Arti, is a 20-year-old non-binary creator who has a wide range of artistic skills. He is well-versed in digital art, editing, writing, music, animation, and is even learning to sing and voice act. Work from this creator can be found in a wide variety of media such as fandubs, podcast trailers, animated webseries, and even YouTube thumbnails for large creators such as Rainbott. Their main focus, however, has been centered around digital art and animation, with his ultimate dream being to start his own independent studio. 

Arti strives to make media that can be enjoyed by all ages and utilizes a more ‘anime-like’ method of storytelling. Creating fun and enjoyable media that is also not afraid to get dark when needed is exactly where he is at his strongest.

A few of Arti's personal interests include cartoons, rhythm games, manga (and light novels), Pokémon, Ouji fashion, cyberpunk decor, and Vocaloid. He can often be found listening to music that most would find odd or crying over fictional characters.

What Artimus is looking for

  • I am willing to work on a large variety of projects including fan works and indy productions. I can work as a video editor, character artist, writer, or voice actor. 

  • My current personal interests include fandubs (any sort of role) or music videos

  • @musicfairy22

    literally the best artist for adorable arts, I absolutely adore the beautiful and lovely and adorable art style