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Hey, Thanks for stopping bye. Unfortunately, nothing much really to see here but my submissions. But since you are here allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andre. I'm 24. I like videogames, comicbooks, movies and music. A little plain I know but I've tried writing this a few times on her with details and it all got erased. Eeeh. A little about how I found Casting Call...I'm a fan of series called Scott Pilgrim and one day I found a fan Dub of the Comic Series on Youtube and watched and enjoyed it. In the description of those videos at the time was a link to it's Casting Call to possibly be in future episodes. Unfortunately, at the time I was still in High School and had no money for a mic. But I never forgot the site. Fast forward nearly 2 years later and here I am today. If you go for back to my early recording. Obviously, you can tell I was using my phone. But, I'm fine about it..even though it is cringy. And believe me I know they are.

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I thank you for stopping by and possibly listened to my voices. I know some of them suck but I still thank you for really means alot. Namaste

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    Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Shopholder Andre provided a voice over as a commercial narrator for a spoof short sketch as part of 1 episode of my web series, The Faction of Farce. Came up with a perfectly fitting voice for it that really helped enhance the humour. Clean & clear recording quality too. Excellent job.