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About Mineplex VL

I'm Josh Conners Aka Mineplex VL 
Just a VA doing random stuff most of the time!

  • @arc520

    Mineplex VL was fun to work with! Excellent and timely communication throughout the project while making sure to get their lines done asap.

  • @gso

    I decided to cast him to my project because his European voice matched the look I needed for my series. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a strong but gentle male voice. Get this guy an agent. Immediately.

  • @froggymitch

    Mineplex is an enjoyable person to work with and also has proven to passionate in his work! He likes to help out when he can in which I very much appreciate. I loved working with him!

  • @dcooper

    Josh is not useless after all. lol I'm kidding. josh is an amazing voice actor. I'm glad to have met him and have him voice the charming/tough Brandon in the winx club fan dub project. He's able to get along with people and get the job done. 
    Winx Club season 2 Episode 1 4kidstv Back to school Fan Dub.mp4 - Google Drive