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Hey! My name is Matt, I'm 21 years old and I am a voice actor/voice-over artist. I am from America, and I have done voice work in the past. Since I am currently in college for Film, I have been the narrator to many videos and projects made by my peers. Not only that, but I have also worked commercially. For example, I was the narrator for a training video at a machining company based near Boston. I have also voiced many characters since joining this site, from videogames to anime dubs. My voice is naturally on the lower scale and bassy so if you need a soft bassy voice then I'm the person for the job! I deliver rather quickly and if you ever need me to redo lines, I am always open to it. I don't want you to worry about getting something bad and not being able to get it redone. My goal is to deliver an end product that we can both be proud of. I'm available for both short and long-term work and if you are uncertain if I could voice or do a certain job, send me a message about what you want, and I'll give you a sample of how it would sound like, and you can decide from there! Thanks for checking my description and I hope we can get in touch about an offer!

Fitchburg State University - 2022

Sound Design

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I know this isn't voice acting but I did a took a semester long course learning about sound design and audio mixing.


Wait, I can get paid for this?!

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To expand my voice acting portfolio!

  • @dcooper

    Working With Matthew on sk8 the infinity Fan Dub has been a blast. I'm forever grateful for having him play Adam on it. In my opinion his voice works well with villain characters. If you need a voice actor for your project hire him.

    Sk8 The Infinity Fan Dub Episode 1.mp4 - Google Drive