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Hello My name is Masterbela5 I am a story writer Webcomic Maker and Voice Actor I have worked on many projects in the past including my recent new webcomic Cosmic Quest a Homestuck Fan Comic I have been working on for about a year now Progress with it has been up and down but it has been doing pretty good if you want to check it out I will have the link posted here

Anyways  I have quite a wide verity of hobbies I like to play video games record videos with friends and most of all writing all sorts of interesting stories with my creativity.

  • @bmanthegoofball

    Masterbela5 is a wonderful project director and voice actor. His interpersonal skills and ability to manage a sizeable cast and crew make him an absolute must-have. He also brings enthusiasm into what ever he's doing, and that is honestly the most important part. I would definitely recommend this user.