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About Scramble_Arts

Hello! I'm Scramble and I am currently a student studying Game Arts! I will be progressing onto Animation & Illustration in September, and my goal is to one day be a comic artist. I am the creator of the webcomic Jailbird (free to read on webtoon & tapastic) and I hope to create many more projects in the future!  I am also an aspiring vtuber, and am preparing to begin live streaming over the summer. While my experience with working on large projects is limited, I am working hard to make the best project I can!

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    Just from a quick glance at their project pages, I could definitely tell that Scramble_Arts is the kind of person who puts their heart and soul into everything that they do! From their beautiful art style to their masterful use of a colorful cast of characters that each have something to say, I'd definitely be up for doing more work with them again in the future because of their sheer talent and dedication! Not to mention that they've also been such a kind and supportive person during the whole process of updating us on progress on the project and the kind gesture of writing recommendations for us all!