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About MarlenaJean

Hello there!

I'm Marlena and I'm a professional voice actor. I love projects that are video games or animation and that's what brings me to CCC.I have a BFA in Theatre and have trained with a ton of amazing teachers in voice acting (listed below)When I have the time, I also like to play games on Twitch of which I am lucky to have over 1,000 amazing followers.

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Neumann TLM 103 Mic
Rode NT1-A Mic
Focusrite Scarlett Solo Interface
Adobe Audition CC

I'm the voice of Veronica in the single-player first-person mystery "Titan Station" now available on Steam!

Check out this ad I voiced for realme which has over 68 million views and counting. That's like, a lot of ears.

You can hear more of my voice over demos at

Accents: Standard American, Californian, Southern, British RP, Cockney, Russian, French

Real Voice LA - 2022

Intro to Accents & Dialects

Instructed by Karen Strassman
Celia Siegel Management - 2021


Instructed by Pat Brady
- 2021

Video Game Voice Acting

Instructed by Stephane Cornicard
The Halp Network - 2021

The Tech of Acting for Video Games

Instructed by Jessica Kent
University of Idaho - 2018

Bachelors of Fine Arts - Theatre

Instructed by
The Halp Network - 2022

Auditioning for Video Games

Instructed by Julia Bianco Schoeffling
The Halp Network - 2022

Voice Acting for JRPGs

Instructed by Wendee Lee
Celia Siegel Management - 2022

Superstar Webinar: Video Games

Instructed by Andrea Toyias
The Halp Network - 2022

Voice Acting Battle Chest

Instructed by Andrea Toyias
Skillshub - 2022

Video Game Coaching

Instructed by Chris Borders
VO Peeps - 2022

Agent Workout

Instructed by Micaela Hicks
The Halp Network - 2021

Fantasy Reads

Instructed by Walter Gray IV
The Halp Network - 2021

Improvisation - Commit to Your Choices Faster

Instructed by Brian Palermo
Actor's Connection - 2021

Commercial Voice Acting

Instructed by James Murray
The Halp Network - 2021

Learn an Impeccable French Accent

Instructed by Karen Strassman
Celia Siegel Management - 2021

Commercial VO

Instructed by Mary Lynn Wissner
Celia Siegel Management - 2021

Masterclass for Video Games

Instructed by Dave Fennoy
- 2020

Commercial Coaching

Instructed by Dave Walsh
Skillshub - 2021

Video Game Coaching

Instructed by Valerie Rose Lohman
Marc Graue Studios - 2021

Video Game Demo Coaching

Instructed by Marc Graue
Sound On Studio - 2022

Book It While Having Fun!

Instructed by Kirsten Day
The Halp Network - 2022

Effective VO Auditions for Video Games

Instructed by Amanda Wyatt
  • @MasonClarkVO

    Marlena is a very well rounded artist with skills in numerous creative fields, which all blend together into her ability to create complex characters and compelling stories. She is a wonderful balance of laid back and professional, and will surely help you take any projects to another level.

  • @Whitney_Holland

    Marlena is an actress that I have had the delight of working alongside as well as directing. Her skills in acting, editing, and collaboration are of the highest tier. She grasps how to sink into a character, making them real, while giving them the vocal quality to match. Marlena can give your project an on point voice that will shoot it through the roof!

  • @ethoatom

    Marlena is a wonderful voice actress, she portrayed my character perfectly. I hope to work with her again in the future.

  • @jolarsen

    I had the pleasure of having Marlena voice a character for me in my PC-Game.

    She was professional and delivered high quality on deadline.

    As Veronica she performed excellently and players have praised her voice acting.

    Recommended and I would love to work with her!