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The University of Idaho - 2018

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Instructed by
Chris Borders - 2022

Chris Borders -Coach/Mentor

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Chris Borders has been the Casting Director and Voice Director for AAA Games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Gears of War, and many more. 

Real Voice LA - 2022

Press "Play" Video Game Acting Class

Instructed by Courtenay Taylor
The HALP Network - 2022

Video Game Acting Battle Chest

Instructed by Andrea Toyias
Real Voice LA - 2023

Acting for Animation

Instructed by Karen Strassman
  • @MasonClarkVO

    Whitney is an incredibly kind and generous collaborator who can deliver performances with an uncommon depth of emotion. She is an asset to any creative project.

  • @marlenajean

    I have worked with Whitney multiple times as both a fellow actor and as she directed me on stage. She is one of the best collaborators you can hope to work with. She is incredibly kind, hardworking, reliable, and has boatloads of talent that include her script analysis, grounded acting, vocal range, and jaw-droppingly amazing singing skills. I cannot recommend her enough.

  • @JustJustProductions

    Whitney is one of our main characters on our animated web series 'The Heir of Time' and is one of the most professional, talented and kind actors we've ever had the pleasure of working with. 

    She always turns up on time to every recording session, responds to feedback professionally, is very comfortable with doing retakes and overall has excellent communication skills.

    Her acting is some of the best we have ever seen, getting so into the role during recording sessions that It genuinely made some of us emotional, including Whitney herself. She works amazingly with her scene partners and follows our directions to the letter but is still very flexible when it comes to improv.

    She's a fantastic actor, a delightful person and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Cannot wait to keep working with her and we wish her the absolute best!

    Toby Talbot - Producer for 'The Heir of Time' and General Manager of Just Just Productions.