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Tony Westfield

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About Tony Westfield

Hello, everyone! Tony Westfield here. I'm a Scottish/English man who mainly does crossover fanart on my DeviantArt page, where I'm known as Marius Wales. I also love to do crappy impressions. ...I guess that's it, for now.

  • @daksdoesstuff

    His award-winning performance as "Fries" will bring you to tears. I recommend him!

  • @sally_basler

    Tony Westfield does an amazing job as Mr Greene in my upcoming animated feature, "Fat Chance! The Movie". He delivered his lines well before the deadline and with excellent quality. He also provided several takes to choose from which is always appreciated! Highly recommend.

  • @faintly-mil

    Tony did a fantastic job voicing "News Reporter #1" in an upcoming episode of my animated series "The McNormals". His part was very comedic and his voice was perfect for the character and honestly had me chuckling while picking out his takes. He brought a lot of life to the character and I am pleased to have been able to have him on the project.