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About JeremyHarderVO

Hello! My name is Jeremy Harder and I'm from Australia!

I have a naturally low voice, able to ham up my natural accent or pull it back.
Years of playing around with my voice; mimicking, random sounds and making up voices, I feel that my voice has become very versatile.

I enjoy doing all kinds of voices, though if I had to pick a few favourite types it'd definetly lean towards comedic, overly heroic or villainous types.

  • @harlangreenborough

    MacktheParty submitted for a number of roles on a project I was casting. He was a standout candidate. He had an impressive voice and was a must-cast upon hearing him.

    He was friendly, enthusiastic about the project, and responded quickly to messages. His sound quality was impressive, and he worked easily with limited written direction.

    I'd work with him again in a second. I'd recommend anyone hire him.

    5 stars!