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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Heya! I'm ShortyHelena, but my friends call me Shorty. I'm fifteen years old, but my voice doesn't really sound like it. Even so, I use it to my advantage! I can do amazing cat impressions and can reach into the higher parts of my voice. I can also do very good baby/toddler voices. Because of that, my voice sounds very young, and probably wouldn't ever be identified as an adult. 

For more info, check out my demo reel above (COMING SOON) 

I have also been a writer since I was in the 5th grade, and have this ability to create a story from nothing. The number of ideas swimming around in my head is unreal. I am very open to writing a story for you. If you are interested, please contact me. 

Note: I am not a ghostwriter. I expect credit where credit is due

DISCLAIMER: If I work for you for free, I would like a testimonial and/or recommendation, along with being properly credited (But I expect to be credited, paid or not. That’s just the good thing to do. DON’T STEAL MY VOICE URSULA) If you voice act for me, you will have to submit your lines via email. This is for technical reasons.




Panda Utopia - Minecraft Roleplay {Shorty, Production Helper}

Sparkly6262 - Ceragon Dubs (Voice of Carbuncle, Faust, and Extras) 

The Farm Girl - A Pet's Love, Lesson Learned {Writer and Voice of Cleo and Opal}

MyMyMyla - Down and Above, Wysteria Grove {Lilliana Wish, Princess Elliana, Production}

Strawberry Cat - Minecraft Survival Roleplay {Voice of Adeline, Goddess Inana, Production} 

Jaeden-Man89 - My Pretty Unicorn Comic Dub {Voice of Zeena} *COMING SOON*

Spirit_Wolf - Minecraft Secrets: Legend Of A Phoenix Wolf S2E4 {Voice of Lady Amelia} *COMING SOON* 

XemptfulGamer - Minecraft Survival Island Episode 14 (Voice of Magma Cube) *COMING SOON*

Jax Art Channel - Fire Emblem Heroes Konosuba Mod (Voice of Megumin) 


"To anyone who needs a voice actor or writer I HIGHLY recommend ShortyHelena. She got the script done in a short amount of time and she volunteered to make the thumbnail. She also is very easy to communicate with. She got her voice for Cleo done in a short amount of time as well."

Finished Project:

- The Farm Girl

Casting Calls and Auditons

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