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I am a voice over actor that is based in the Sacramento area. I have received training for acting and singing at Sacramento City College since the end of 2015. But, I have been involved with the online voice acting community as a hobby since 2009, participating in a handful of original projects as well as many hobby projects. 

I've also been mentored by SakasaJinei for sound mixing back in 2009 and have years of experience of it, making various projects. 

For now, this voice acting thing is just a hobby that I do alongside with real life shenanigans. But, being able to do this professionally is the dream.

Youtube: WrBlPro
Twitter: SumRGuy
Discord: ThatRGuy


For original projects: Negotiable
Hobby projects: Free


Notable Credits


Ari from Amplitude (Ceylon Entertainment) 2017
Scott (Ep 35.5from Untown (PallidCrest) 2015 - Current
Michael "Mike" Lee from Groups of Two (Videocaptor Productions) 2016
Computerized Voice from The Intermine Legacy (Intermine Studios) 2016
Old Man (Ep 1) & Lazerus (Ep3) from Sanctum (Daktoa) 2013
Shy Guy from Number (JaceC) 2012
Stroud Clife from JRPG Parody (Project Trinity) 2012
Anti-Subscriber from Why You Don't Have Subscribers (Project Trinity) 2011 
Artist from My World! (Jenny Chen) 2011
Pizzicato from The Perjurer 2010 (Project Trinity) 2010


Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy Still (StillThinkingFilms) 2010, 2017 - Current
Sonic the Hedgehog from Various clips of Sonic (Produced by me) 2015 - Current
Son Goku from Various clips of Dragon Ball (Produced by me) 2014 - Current
Meruem from Hunter X Hunter (produced by me) 2016
Apollo Justice from Dual Destinies: Meeting Athena (SS-chan) 2015

More here


"Ryoma is the one of the most eager, kind, and hard working voice over talent I've ever worked with in my entire time of voice over. Gets his lines on time,and with maximum effort. Will always go back to him when I need a good voice over talent!"- Andre Younan

Casting Calls and Auditons

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