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Screen Acting

Baby Sticks Videos by Baby Sticks, LLC - Charlotte BunBun (Voice Over)

Impending Doom by V.Q. Holliday - Ellen Kordova (Voiceover)

A Tough Call
by Bartosz Kuczek - Anna (Voiceover)

Trapped by
KJ Winters - Samantha "Sam" (Voiceover)

Tuesday Night Game Fight by Rooster Teeth LLC. - Contestant Team
Screw Attack

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World by ABC - 1LT Smith (Extra)


Manga Fermilab dubbed by Lab316 - Ami/Chizuru/Manami/Yui/Misc. Voices

Mani Mani dubbed by Lab316 - Ami/ Sakurai/Milk/Mirei/Sakurai/Tachibana/Mayu Tamamushi/Misc. Voices

Quarantine Shorts by Manuel Bustamante - Protagonist

VA Academy by Nick Germain - Mai Mizushima

Jade In The Gardens by Christian Dessler - Customers 2 & 8


Vivification by Andrew Czarapata - Daciana

Astoria Legends: Red Moon by Studio XV - Aska

Bukimi Ai by Starsign Games - Baa-Baa

The Godkiller Chapter 1 by Seespace Labs - Thea/Bea/Tiny Soldier

Corgi Knight by Corgi Knight Studios - Mikaya/Sophia Sphynx

Legends of Middle-Earth: Arnorian Civil War
- via Steam - Anya

Legends of Middle-Earth: Silmarillion Campaign
- via Steam - Elven Guard

Fallout: The Frontier dir. by JL Studios - Wrench/Emma/Sydney/Katrina/Chloe/RobCo

Fallout 4: Weapons Mod by NexusMods - Big MT Lobotomite voices

Fallout 4: The Responders Mod by Tu3sd4y via - Shelly/Madeline

Fallout 4: Galac-tac Retribution via NexusMods - Alice

Legends of Middle-Earth - Age of Mythology via Steam - Human/Elven/Orc

Fallout 4: The Goodneighbor Mod - NexusMods - Human/Ghoul Voices


Doing Justice Ep 3,5 by Transmitter Media - SueAnn/Kathleen

Nightwalker: Wish and Mercy by AJ Gala - Tizena
"Tizzy" Hallenar/Allanis Hallenar

The Wizard Tim by Timothy Canada and Joseph Eleam - Leslie

The Pursuit of Orlinia by T.S. Weiland
Audiobook Narrator

Audio Dramas

SnowBelle Meets Venus by HyperVoiceActing - Bernie

D&D One Shots by William Nunn - Kuzara Tornskulls

Sidekicks by Christa Rew - Cylissa Montgomery

The Far Side of Normal by Brendan Webster - Abigail Marshall/Teriah Veros/Sivana Veros/Councilwoman Maelstrom

Dracula: A Radio Play by Cruz Flores - Innkeeper's Wife/Vampire Sister #1

Splintered Caravan S1 & S2 by Chris Garrett - Lialle/Tin Can/Mother/Little Girl

The Marksbury Incident S1 & S2 by Victor Stark - The Mage

Commercial Voice Work

King Harvest TV Commercial by SocialSEO

10AK Contracting TV Commercial - Wife

Starline Bus Tours - San Antonio and Austin Tours

TeleQuality Communications Inc. -  Company Phone Message Service

Erin Nicole Lundquist has been voice acting for 5 years, having done many commercial, audiobook, and audio drama productions.  You may recognize her from the Baby Sticks Videos series as Charlotte BunBun, the Legends of Middle Earth strategy game, The Pursuit of Orlinia audiobook by TS Weiland, and Rooster Teeth’s Tuesday Night Game Fight

Having developed an interest in stage acting at a young age, Erin attended an accelerated course at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania having garnered a Certificate in Drama Essentials.  She later attended St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland where she studied several languages and was involved in stage productions including Antigone and Prometheus Bound.  She later got a degree in Russian Studies from the Defense Language Institute and attained fluency in Russian.  Recently, she attended the online Voice Acting Mastery Class with Crispin Freeman in which she refined her emotional connection within scenes.

Presently, Erin is focusing on dramatic voice acting.  She is involved in several long-term productions including Sidekicks by Black Maze Productions, and The Marksbury Incident by Victor Stark.  She recently completed several live action film dubs, the prestigious audiobook Doing Justice, and the viral video series Quarantine Shorts by Manuel Bustamante

Erin describes herself as a professional nerd.  Having initially entered the entertainment world behind the scenes as a costume designer and art director, she fell in love with the world of audio and has since focused on voice work and sound design.  She currently lives in Colorado, USA with her supportive husband and two children.  


Pricing is negotiated based on non union rates on a job-by-job basis and factors in the use of the material, number of lines, and contract for future work.



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