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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Capt. Eagle, or Travis. Whichever you perfer. I'm a voice actor trying to become a professional. Please don't message me about SIms, Halo or Minecraft related projects.


Most of the time, I audition for things I actually want to play. If you want to pay me, I won't object.



"Cap is a hard working individual that's actually been able to keep the project on a roll. His encouragement as well as determination for his projects are some of his best qualities. That's of course not accounting the amazing work he does in regards to his voice acting. Overall good guy." - ScaredySnax

"Capt Eagle is a gifted voice actor with an impressive range of pitches and emotions. He is someone who will work hard for any project he is part of and is an active participant in group chats. Not one to dance around issues Capt is open and honest with providing feedback and will willingly hold his hands up if he feels he can give you an even better performance as well as being unafraid of retakes." - Inrezairo

"Capt. Eagle is an amazing voice actor, he has a wonderful voice and can be cast for an array of different characters. He always delivers lines on time, and is just a really cool dude." - The Aquatic Charizard

"Captain Eagle has been an excellent actor to work with. His close involvement with the Omega Team series was commendable, going a step above his role to help push the story and script to where it needed to be alongside the rest of the team. Eagle displayed a real connection with his role, often eager to discuss backstory and character quirks. He was closely involved with the project and the other actors, becoming fast friends with the rest of the team. In tough times, he was more than just a project member. He was a voice of reason, and an excellent friend. Months down the line, when I called Eagle up on several occassions to help out with anothe project, he did so in a heartbeat, and with the same skill and finesse he did with his devoted roles. I would undoubtedly recommend Captain Eagle as an absolute asset to any team asking for his skills." - Terallian

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