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My name is Caitlin Buckley; I'm a 30-year-old female voice actor living in the Pacific Northwest (with that accent, which tends to be pretty generic North American). I voice act and I sing, and wile I'm most interested in voice acting in games and mods, I will act in pretty much any medium.

I have a blog with completed projects, and more info about me:

The Voice of Caitlin Buckley

Or you can also check out my IMDB page:

Caitlin Buckley


Below is a rough pricing rubric, but I am open to negotiations.

0-150 words: 30c per word

50-500 words: 25c per word

500-1000 words: 18c per word
1000-2000 words: 13c per word

2000-5000 words: 7c per word


Enderal is a "total conversion" Skyrim mod, meaning they effectively used the Skyrim engine and built their own game. The mod took over three years to build, and yields between 30 and 100 hours of gameplay. It's fully voiced, and I voiced Calia, one of the main characters and romance options (you can hear her in the release trailer, which alone got over 600K views).

Liberty: Critical Research
"Critical Research" is a radio play / podcast set in the larger multimedia Liberty series, and each episode garnered thousands of listens. I played Skit in each episode of this set.

Other video game credits include Planet ExplorersMidnight at the Celestial Palace Chapter 1Immortal EmpireUntil I Have YouCopoka, and Spirits of Xanadu, all currently available on Steam.


"Caitlin was our choice for one of the main roles in Enderal, and it was one of the best decision we had made. Even though her role was a challenging one - stoic, yet subtextually emotional -, she did a magnificent job conveying the character, was very open to criticism and always delivered on time."

Nicolas S. Lietzau, Project Lead SureAI

"Caitlin is talented, creative, and reliable. I've worked with her a number of different projects and each time she's delivered a quality performance ahead of schedule. I cannot recommend her enough!" 

- Travis Vengroff, Dossinger Publishing

Casting Calls and Auditons

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