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Born and raised in Texas. 24 Years old, Male. Christian.

I've been emulating voices from movies, cartoons, etc. for a very long time, just for fun. I've always loved playing with my voice, and though I've only been a VA for a very short time, I've had moderate success and positive feedback in roles of widely different tones and textures.

At heart, I'm a singer above all else. For now, both VAing and singing are hobbies, though I'd love for them to be more.

You can find other examples of my work scattered around all over the following places, and I'll be adding more to them as I go!


Q: Will you do X for me?

A: Sure will. If it's for a Skyrim/Fallout mod, then I don't mind doing fan (Free) work. If it's unpaid 'other' fan work, I will likely respectfully decline unless I'm very intrigued. Any sort of paid work I will take a look at, as long as you're not offering $10 to read 500 lines, and/or it's not 18+ material.

Q: Do you get out much?

A: Not if I can help it.

Q: Childhood dreams aside, when did you realize this was your passion?
A: When I would fail terribly and cry myself to sleep, but get up the next day and try it again.

Q: What's your go-to hangout area with your friends?

A: The Internet.

Q: Do you do anything else?

A: Video games.. I meddled with piano for a number of years, and composition skills for several months at a time. I don't have a lot of confidence in these areas though, and I certainly don't find them nearly as enjoyable.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do at parties?

A: Go home.

Q: What's the hardest thing about singing/VA?

A: When you start to do either one and then you're like "Whoa, I'm way off.", and you get all embarrassed..but the only solution is to make a BIGGER fool out of yourself and do it again with all you've got, or you'll never get it.

Q: What is your favorite season?
A: Late Autumn, when it's cool, and au-tumn leaves are falling from dem trees.

Q: Do you take anything seriously?

A: One time I took my mother's pack of gum. That was pretty serious.


As mentioned in the FAQ, for modding-community projects, I don't expect compensation as they are projects made for free and delivered for free. Outside these types of projects, I'm unlikely to do volunteer work at this time.

For Fan Projects or other small-scale efforts that do offer payment, this is my general pricing and conduct (All prices in USD):

General: $0.20 Per Word / $2 Per Line
Minimum Payment; 10 Lines or Less: $15

Extra Takes: All Lines will have up to 2 takes by default; requesting additional takes after 2 will cost usual rate per line/take.

Revisions: Script Changes, Major Errors, etc. cost usual rate to re-record. Minor changes, mispronunciations on my part, etc. are free.

Editing: My audio is typically cleaned and lightly processed for free, greatly reducing the time and effort the Producer or Audio Engineer needs to put into mixing. However, Emergency Recording will be done RAW (See Below).

File Splitting ($0.30 per File) : No charge for only needing to split a couple files. Splitting and labeling many files takes a lot of extra time, and if desired to be done by me instead of an Audio Engineer, is additional.

Emergency Recording (1.5x Rates) : 30-50 Lines every 24 Hours is my typical "ASAP" speed, for reference, depending on Line Length, voice type, etc. Character voices take much longer, and more effort, than Narration, for instance.

Note: All ASAP recording done RAW, editing/light processing can be requested at an additional standard rate of $2 per line/$0.20 per word.

Live Direction (Per Hour): $60, minimum 1 Hour booking.*
*1 Hour refers to time spent recording, not finished audio length.


[Client: Project Name. (Role(s) Voiced)]

Myself: The Noldorian Prince (The Noldorian Prince)

razorkid: Beyond Reach (Nord Male, Wolf Shaman)

anbeegod: Shezzarine (Celarus)

agerweb: Shumer and the Fall of Allagard (Parusta, Grand Master/Nungal)

IAmTheRedd: Yorgrim's Refuge (Azalkh, Nastair)

CykaMarkt: Back to Nehrim: English Voice Over (Captain Bligh)

Roadhouse699: The Last Refuge (Martin Sinneus, Jordal, Extras (Dynelk and Greenfurrow Necromancers, Dunmer Mercenary))

MissJennaBee: Expanded Towns and Cities (Savard)

NerdySweetiePeachy: Was It So Wrong? (Valentin, Witness #1); Mi Amour (Valentin, Episodes 3 and 4); Makura no Danshi - English Fandub (Kanade Hanamine), and The Queens of the Host Club Series 1 (Tamaki Suoh - Trailer, Episodes 1 and 2)

GlitteringGoldie: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck 8B - The Prisoner of White Agony Creek (Huey, Dewey and Louie, The Sundance Kid)

Alex Duos: Event Log 3219 Machinima (Ship Captain)

Zephyrsword: Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits (At0M-Z)

Reath1: The Second Great War (Rissha), Additional Voices (Galis Romoren, Lunmaer the Righteous, Rinnor, Wuunvid the Confident, Imperial Renegade, Thalmor Agent)


Casting Calls and Auditons

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