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Hello everyone, 

My name is Peach Kisaragi, it's a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful community. I was a former member of the Voice Acting Alliance before it's closure and I am active over on Behind The Voice Actors.  

I started out voice acting when I was 10  years old in small projects that I did on my own ranging from recording small videos using my mother's video camera and giving voices to my dolls, When I was 15 years old I branched out into voicing projects by others. 

I was cast in many projects when I was a teenager and active in the community up until 2012 when I "retired" from voice acting because of constant bullying from people that were outside of the community. I resigned myself to being a writer/producer/director for many years until recently when a good friend of mine was going to quit voice acting and I talked to him about it and was inspired to go back into it as long as he pushed forward in the art. 

I am going to try the voice acting game again and hope to do my best. Hopefully, I still got it and haven't lost something that I treasured the most. 

Thank you so much for visiting my profile and I will do my very best like always to lend my voice to projects.