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Newbie VA. Looking for new opportunities and some practice. I've been cast for a couple of indie games and fandubs. I also run a game review channel, with... slow uploads because I... over edit.

About my voice:
- My regular speaking voice is somewhat deep; if I enunciate properly, I believe I can do both a decent radio-style/a decently authoritative and commanding voice.

- I can make my pitch go lower, which I can use to voice older characters. If I go further, I can kinda do a guttural Dr. Claw type voice.

- I can also make my pitch go higher at varying degrees for younger characters like generic anime protagonists. It helps with the timid ones too.

-  I can make my voice decently gravelly, which I can apply to my normal/lower pitch (for "tougher" characters), and my higher pitch (young edgelords).

- I think I'm decent at conveying emotions like sadness, anger, and fear.

- My biggest asset is that, unlike most other amateurs, I'm not afraid to project! I can even scream bloody murder if you need me to :D I love chewing the scenery.


Discord: Professional Mr. Phann#6085


    Within reason, I'll take exposure bucks. 

    However, if you've promised payment, already paying other VAs in that project, or if you at all can afford to pay me, please compensate me. As for the exact rate, we can negotiate. 



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