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I'm a 22 year old Welsh/British voice actor, scriptwriter and media consultant, with a background in film and photography. My normal voice is that of a deep RP British accent, but I'm not adverse to other accents and dialects, as well as having a decent vocal range. 

After receiving my degree, I returned home and decided that now is the time that I shall do my own personal projects, whilst also getting myself out there as a voice-actor/voice-over artist.
Whilst only being in the VO world for a year, I've racked up a large client list with everything from animation to video games, to educational content and narration. For a fully detailed client list, feel free to message me! 

Please note that more often or not, the sound you hear for auditions are completely unedited and often raw in order to apply for the roles as quickly as possible. For the actual readings and performance of lines, I shall reduce noise and make correct adjustments to audio before sending your way if you so desire. 

If I'm unresponsive on CCC, @ me on Twitter (@Jimmy_Sherwood)
Feel free to add me on Discord for fast responses! (Jimmy_S#9457)


Currently doing a mixture of paid and unpaid work. Standard rate of $30-50 per session of recording for larger, commercial projects and properties. However, I am more than happy to get involved in unpaid work if it peaks my interest and curiosity. 

My current goal is to voice 100 unique characters/narrations in various unpaid and amateur projects before going up to the next level.

Current Count: 105/100

Line Average per Project: 54 lines


These clients will be updated with links to the final projects when possible.
For a full, extensive list of clients, feel free to message me. 
These have been chosen from my list in order to show my range as much as possible. 

~ Video Games ~

~ Animation ~
The Spirit Inside Me
Jaron Bardolf
Shady Springs
Old Man Barney

~ Game Mods ~
Sir Longarm, Duc Volpe and Duc de Puce
General Augustus, Chief Hopkins
Brian Ross
Skygerfall (Skyrim)
Gortwog the Orc-lord
The Evil Dead (Skyrim)

High Elder Corvin and Elder Tanis

~ Audiobooks ~
Scaling Mt. Olympus
Hades, Ares & Apollo.
Rackham & 4th Dimensional Judge
Eyes of the Dead

~ Machinima ~
Game of Clans (Halo)
Dosses, MidgetDuck & Dustin
Leech (Sims)
For Azeroth (WoW)
Jubrin & Gabarn

~ Dubs ~
Goblin Slayer (Manga)
Dwarf Shaman (and misc. others)

Preacher (Comic)
Manny Calavera


"Jimmy is really precise with delivery and an overall well-structured person to bloody work with. His lines get delivered faster than a special Amazon package deal and he is really motivated in his voice acting. Very good bloke to work with!"

@MrGeneralJB (Game of Clans)

"When I was looking for a voice actor for Gunslinger: Blood Moon, Jimmy was the first one to audition, and boy was it an audition. He brought the grit and a darkness to the character that was beyond my expectation. I knew from the start that he was the right person for the job." 

Robert Persson (Gunslinger: Blood Moon)

Casting Calls and Auditons