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Voice Actor
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Hi folks!

Sarah Ruth, A.K.A. Cesteel, here!

I am a natural-born entertainer who found her niche in music and voice acting.  I love collaborating with writers and making stories come to life! 

I am a voice actor and a musician.  I earned my bachelors in music, and have been trained classically since I was seven!  I sing opera, jazz, bluegrass, alternative, anime/videogame, and more!  I am flexible and can sing in other languages.  

Check out my website --> sarahruthvoice.com

Find me on twitter! --> SarahRuthVoice

I also have YouTube --> Sarah Ruth's Channel


Please message me directly to discuss pricing and rates. 


  1. - Full resume can be found at sarahruthvoice.com -


  1. "Sarah played the roll of Jhoira on the Voice of All - Magic Story podcast over the course of 13 stories and as many weeks. She was a pleasure to work with; quick, courteous, and a phenomenal actress. Her work was timely. If it would not be on time for any reason, she updated me immediately as to the situation. If retakes were necessary, she was very quick to respond and get them done. Her audio was always crystal clear. She also quickly grasped the character in each scene and was able to give a phenomenal performance with little to no prompting. I can't recommend her enough and can't wait to work with her again!"

  2. Blaise Lelux, Voice of All MTG 

  3. "Sarah was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does she have an immense vocal talent but she also is punctual and good with giving updates. She went beyond what was required of her and we’re truly lucky to have been given the opportunity to work together." 

  4. - Andy Carrera, Kaminari Games 

  5. "Sarah was super agreeable and easy to work with.  Plus, her delivery was great for the character!"

  6.  - Conner Rush, Fyre Games

  7. "When I heard Sarah’s audition, I immediately knew who I wanted to cast for the role. I always look forward to working with great talent and working with her was very easy and manageable, and by the time I received the lines I needed I knew I made the perfect call for the role. Her portrayal of the character was exactly what I had in mind and her delivery was outstanding in all regards. If you ever get a chance to work with her, I can safely say you won’t regret it."

  8. - TrickyLOKI 89 Studios

Casting Calls and Auditons

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