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A 17 year old theater actor and director, attempting to make a career at his average at best voice. I also have some fairly basic editing experience, not much. I have experience with writing, directing, and producing. If you want, take a look at some of my auditions, or message me about a role. I'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you, and have a good day!


I will accept pay if offered, however, I will not actively demand pay for a project, I'm not a jerk. If you do offer pay, we can negotiate pay and how we can go about getting my pay, but again, I, in no way, will expect pay unless specifically stated.


Moonlight Lulamoon (18K subs): Various comic dubs

Bri Marie (900 Subs): Lakeview High as Nick

The Mona Listen Podcast: Episode one and four

Tricondergon: Almost Immortal: An Audio Dramadey.


"A great voice actor as well as an amazing director for his own projects. They are reliable to get work done and still make time for a little fun when the situation calls for it."

- Aubrey Poppletron

"Eric has been a pleasure to work with. He always has his lines in on time. He is very friendly and gets along very well with other voice actors. He does a very good job when voicing his character."

- Brianna Mosholder

"You're great." 

- Lafgl

"Since 2016, Eric has been helping my channel out a lot when we started doing comic dubs together. He make his voice match the character PERFECTLY when it comes to certain situations, making him a Great VA! If you don't cast him, You will be missing out on a great opportunity!"

-Moonlight Lulamoon 

"Eric Rodriguez is a budding talent. As he grows and matures, so does his dedication, work ethic, and precision. Eric takes direction well, preservers through challenges, and is always jubilant. I enjoy working with him and hope to do so on other projects."

- Danielle Bailey Miller, creative director of Rose of Athens theatre

Casting Calls and Auditons

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