Luni Foxo

Luni Foxo

I'm Luni. Due to a medical reason I can't change my voice although I am typecast as over the top villains, father figures, himbos, deadpan and comedy relief I also write, direct and produce 

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About Luni Foxo

VA Credits include

- Tentamon in Digimon Abridged

- Blackmore in FLE Abridged

- Ben in It Lives In The Woods audio drama

- Deon in Rabbit Savoir

- Solomon Moto for YuGiOh fan dub 

- Additional Voices for Lucky Jynx

- Yokai in Memories Guard Of The Goddess

- Additional Voices in Eternal Fate 

- Kanji for P4GR

Edge Stuidos - 2021

Instructed by Dennis Johnson, Cassandra Morris

How much you got? 

(I do free projects if they seem interesting)

What Luni Foxo is looking for

Anything and everything

  • @cailiosa

    He has a lot of potential, simple as that! He's really devoted, friendly and passionate. You can be sure that if you have Lithium in your team, he will easily cooperate with everyone and socialize quickly.

  • @kiirby-mariee

    Luni is an incredible person to work with. He's a pretty cool, chill, nice and sociable guy! He does what needs to be done, straight to the point with fantastic performance. He's super responsible with the given task and delivers quickly! I highly recommend him!