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About ChloeSunflora

Hi there folks! My name is Chloe. I wanna be a voice actor (obviously), but I'm also a creative miss so I also have projects of my own from time to time, but voice acting has been something of a personal goal for the last decade or so, so here I am!

Little bit about me!
I'm 26 years old and live in the sunny state of Brisbane, Australia (GMT+10)

I'm also a Transwoman with two years of voice training underneath my belt, so I can go for a different range of voices with it as a result.

I'm a fan of Anime, Manga, Video Games and all kinds of pop-culture, wrestling included for those that like it. My inspirations for voice acting go back to the likes of Matthew Mercer and Wendee Lee due to their differences in range, but also Maddie Blaustein due to her representation as a transwoman in VA work, although the list is very long, they are both ones that I can remember for the longest time.

If you hear my voice on any of your project auditions please do not hesitate to give me feedback when possible, I accept any and all of it!

I can be contacted via email and discord, of which said details can be made available upon asking in DM's

And in advance, thank you for giving me a chance for being apart of any projects I may be involved in or asked to be involved with!

- Chloe