I am an Arizona based voice actor. I am looking for original animation that can spark up the world! Please read the "About" section to learn more about me! Voice Actor | Cool wind of voices | Age 23 | He/Him

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About LoyalJoeyVA

Hello! My name is Joseph Ramirez or Joey for short! I have always loved voicing characters for fun ever since I was a wee little boy playing on the PlayStation 2 when certain games did not have voice acting, so I would make up my own voices. This is where I started, but now I would like to expand my interest in the art of Voice Acting into projects I will put my whole passion into! I speak fluently in English!

I love doing any kind of voice acting going from a young adult softy guy to a heavy built war lord! My demo reel is down below if you would like to check out the style of realms I have to offer! I'm sure you'll find them quite entertaining!

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  • @smashmaster

    Loyal gave phenomenal performances as Yugi Mutou/Dark Yugi for my Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Dub and Xeno Goku for my SDBH UM Manga Dub! He has also voiced extras for my other projects.
    He has an incredible range and nailed the delivery of his lines. For someone who started doing VA for the past few months and has great communication, awesome guy to work with!
    Hire him for your projects!