L. Oakes

L. Oakes

They/any. 20-year-old attempting to do some voice acting and stuff.For more information about my work, check out https://lumioakes.crd.co/

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About L. Oakes

Voice actor and writer. Co-creator of the upcoming Wanderer's Journal.

Voice acting work 

Jess in Slowly Unspooling

Robin in Resilience

Extra in Lifeblood

Beatrice in Community Cat News (episode 12)

  • @katiehenshall

    Very lovely person with a fantastic voice!

  • @eyre

    As an actor, Lumi brings to life nuanced and complex emotions, putting an immense amount of study and effort into every single performance, and making it seem easy.

    As a director, Lumi is clear, confident and kind, hitting a rare balance between creative freedom and well-supported directorial intent.

    I originally cast Lumi as Robin in my comic Resilience, but went on to write music for their audio drama The Wanderer's Journal. Throughout our collaborations, Lumi has been exceptionally easy and fun to work with, and I cannot recommend them highly enough, both as an actor and as a director.