Composer, designer, illustrator, web developer. Tara is a polymath who makes art that makes other artists look cool.

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About Eyre

Composer on Vindicaris, founder of Unredacted Productions
. Worked with BBC radio, and on projects funded by Arts Council England. She once completed year-long project Yukon to give fan music as gifts to undiscovered webcomic artists, and her comic Pony Magic Fairy Girls has run since 2020. 

Creating Resilience since 2023 - a vertical video motion comic about queer anarchy.

  • @loakes

    Eyre is an absolutely incredible director with important stories to tell. She gives clear notes, and is a pleasure to work with in every way. She is clear about her vision, and still gives room to make characters your own.

    Eyre is both a great artist, and talented composer, with plenty of work out there that's worth checking out. If you have the chance to work with her, you should.