Little Owl

Little Owl

British, Age Range - 15-30, Accents: Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, American, Southern American, Yorkshire 

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About Little Owl

I am Little Owl, an aspiring Voice Actor, Singer, Content Creator, Lover of Life :). I have been a YouTuber for well over a year now and in the process, I have managed to garner a following of over 1000 subscribers as well as a few paid Voice Acting roles. I am passionate about what I do and chasing a dream to make it my career.


£5-10 GBP ($6.49-12.99 USD)

What Little Owl is looking for

Open to projects that will expand my range emotionally and in terms of voices, also a passionate singer!

  • @Dylan_Mac

    He's very easy to work with, very communicative, and has a very adaptable voice!

  • @aaronwilliams24

    I've been friends and working with Little Owl for a couple of years and he is very kind-hearted, talented, energetic, creative, confident, and sensational. It's an honor to work with him and being his friend. He never disappoints!

  • @dkandrenamon-fan32

    I've been friends with him for at least a year.  He's good-hearted, talented, and will give you 110% every single time.  I guarantee he won't disappoint!

  • @eddystudios

    Little Owl is very talented and has a lot of passion, I personally believe that he is incredible at what he does 

  • @agent0fluffy

    Little Owl is an absolutely amazing voice actor! He gets lines done really well and has fun with the lines. I highly recommend him for any project!