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Leunam Duran
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About Leunam Duran

Who am I?:

Hey! My name is Leunam Duran,

I'm a 17-year-old amateur Voice Actor on YouTube. I have just over 140 subs and am still growing strong! I love voice acting and Voice-Over work with a passion!

How long I’ve been a VA?:

I’ve been doing Voice-Over work (non professionally) for about 2 years now!

It started off just as a small hobby to help pass the time during quarantine, but, it quickly became a full on Passion of mine! I have been working rigorously to hone my skills from the time that I started my career, so I'm always getting better and better every day! With this new talent and skills I've gained, I hope to turn it into a legitimate career and do Voice-Over professionally!

My Past VA Experience:

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of close to 40 different projects!

Over these few years of Voice Acting I've gained a whole lot of experience not only in Voice Acting, but working with numerous different types of teams and people! Sadly, multiple of the projects I've done work for have been canceled (for numerous reasons) However, the bright side is, I've gained plenty of experience from those projects and they’ve helped in improving my skills! And don’t worry, there are plenty of projects I'm currently working in that are still in the works!

See the full list of the projects I've been in Profile!



I charge with a package style of pricing, The prices listed below are subject to change depending on requests so take them as estimates!

*This doesn’t apply for any projects I've personally auditioned for! Just for anyone commissioning me through Direct Messages

[Standard Offer] includes:

  • 750 words

  • 2 revisions

  • Mp3 or WAV file

Estimated Delivery Time: ~2 Days                            Estimated Price: $5.00

Estimated Max Price (for 125 words): $80.00


  • + 250 words ~ +$15.00 +1 Day delivery time

  • Extra Fast Delivery (700 words per day) ~ +$20.00

  • Additional Revisions ~ +$5.00 +2 Days delivery time

  • Timed Audio Sync(Per 60 sec)  ~ +$20.00 +2 Days delivery time

  • Commercial Rights ~ +$15.00

  • Exclusive Rights ~ $30.00

*All prices in USD Currency

Payment Policy & Info:

*Policy is semi-malleable, I like to stick to them but can be flexible!

Payment Policy:

50% Payment upfront - Locks in order                            50% Payment upon Completion - Right before receiving final product

Payment Through:

  • Paypal

Working with Clients:

I am very responsive with clients and love to work to make sure everyone is satisfied at the end of the day. Some socials including Casting Call DM’s are places where I'm not as frequently active. Some socials I am continuously active on include Discord, and Instagram. For most frequent communication, I suggest one of those socials.

I hope you consider working with me!

  • @gallicat100

    I was a voice actor in Leunam's project and wow! His work is outstanding and just a lot of fun to be in! He has amazing storylines that are engaging and very original! Leunam is also an amazing VA! It honestly astounds me that he has little to no recommendations! He has a large vocal range that always surprises me! Leunam also never fails to create the emotions in the lines that he is recording!
    If you don't cast Leunam you are seriously missing out on some outstanding talent!
    I look forward to your future projects! Keep up the good work!

  • @megan_studioz

    Leunam is so amazing! He is dedicated to his character, and has an awesome variety of emotions! He's very talkative and has tons of creativity! I love the fact he gets involved with the project, because involvement makes the project feel alive! I've not been disappointed at all with his commitment, and therefore I recommend him in your project!
    Keep up the awesome work!!

  • @moonlilystudio

    LeunamDuran is a very professional voice actor. He takes time with his lines and gets into character very well. He voices each line perfectly and makes sure to make each line accurate to how it is supposed to be said. I was amazed by his completed lines and loved how he fit his character so well. If you are looking for a professional voice actor that is passionate at voice acting then LeunamDuran is the voice actor to choose.