"I have a dream, I wish to tell! Sure it's laughable, but hey kid, what the hell!"

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About TheGrimoiresVoice

G'kaun y-te! I'm Gwen (trans she/they). I'm an extreme nerd, big time writer and voice actor. I love a LOT of different franchises, including Transformers, RWBY, Marvel, Godzilla, Castlevania and Predator just to name a few. If you need a voice actor with plenty of nerdy charm, I got your back. ;) Till all are one!

Blumvox Studios - 2019

Voice Over Training

Instructed by Steve Blum

Payment is negotiable depending on the project in question.

What TheGrimoiresVoice is looking for

I want to work on big-name franchises one day, as voiceover has always been a dream of mine. My heroes such as Steve Blum (who's also a great teacher), Edward Bosco, Frank Welker, and Peter Cullen have been a serious inspiration for me as a performer, storyteller, and a person in general.

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    He’s a great guy and common interests

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    He is a GREAT host. He will reply to your auditions very quickly. Just GREAT!

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    I love his projects