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Crowe | Phoenix

Chasing dreams and selling schemes behind silver screens.

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My dream and vision is to become an actor, not for the fame or money, but because someone once told me that an actor is only successful if they can establish at least one connection with someone in their audience. I know the road ahead of me is bound to be filled with rejection and obstacles, and I accept that, because it is what I choose to do. I want to bring characters and stories to life, I want to be the person that they root for or root against, to bring such an intense emotion to people when they see or hear my performance that it moves them in some way. I want to become a voice for the voiceless, to open eyes, to breathe passion back into our generations and I will do everything I can do achieve that. I will learn and I will grow, the question is, will you help me on my journey?

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    Crowe has one of the coolest voices ever. Just editing them really made me appreciate their voice a lot. They really play the deeper more mature female kind of voice fittingly and receives directing well too. Can't wait to hear more of Crowe's work not only in our Spirit Hunter Fandub but also in other projects!