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About kowabungakelly


- Sound Design major for film/television/animation at top 10 Film Program in California

- 4 years of theatre/drama experience in Youth Theatre, high school drama, and college acting classes

- Theatre Minor in top 2 theatre program in California

- lead role in student written and directed musical “Take Two”

- Sound editing for grad thesis film

- video editing for sports team events, dubs, and short films

- about a year of vocal training (Range: Mezzo-Soprano, about F3-D6)

Acting range:

- speciality in child voices

-most comfortable with mid range-higher voices

-age range: 8-25


- paid VA role as Glimmer (recurring) for a short animatic: https://youtu.be/7E9T3ciyank

- Gaz for Invader Zim spinoff series called "Irken Outcasts" by Rainbott

- voted best Anna in SetsuTheYena Acting contest

- voted best Anna in Felicia Bronzebird Princess Games 2.0 (singing contest)

- 2nd place for Rapunzel and Alice in SetsuTheYena Acting contest

- Anna in a full dub of Frozen (premiered September 2020)

- Tinker Bell in SetsuTheYena full dub of Tinker Bell (premiere TBD)

- Chip in gracierella24601 full dub of Beauty and The Beast (premiered July 2020)

- supporting role (Tracy) in Jdubber91 full dub of A Walk to Remember

- supporting role (Chel) in LG Dubs Productions full dub of The Road to El Dorado

- main and supporting roles as Kiara and Timon in Frost._Freya._. full dub of The Lion King 2 (premiere TBD)

- supporting role (Anastasia) in Cookiesaber full dub of Cinderella 1991

- supporting role (Audrey) in Caleb the VA full dub of Atlantis (premiere TBD)

Hosted Projects:

- Frozen Full Fandub: Premiered September 2020

- Tangled the Series: Queen for a Day Full Fandub (Premiering December 2020)

- Princess and the Frog Full Fandub (Premiere TBD)

- Meet the Princesses: Wreck it Ralph 2 Fandub Collab

- Disney Villain Medley Group Collab

- ABBA Medley Group Collab

- Holding Out For a Hero Group Collab (Premiere TBD)

My channel to check out my work:


  • @aj_talley

    I had the pleasure of doing a voice for Kelly's Tangled - Queen for a Day FanDub project where she was the editor, director, and main character. I was extremely impressed with her abilities in every aspect of the performance - I genuinely forgot that I was watching a FanDub at times. Her editing was on point, her voicing was just as good, and she does a great job corralling a bunch of wild voice actors to get a job done. I hope I get another opportunity to work with her in the future.