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About James Molloy

Hi I'm James, a 23 Year old voice actor based in the UK!

If quality is what you want in you work, then I'm your guy! Recording directly from my home-setup I can offer your project that professional-sounding voice acting it deserves! 

Whether you need a cynical-sounding villain, a shy teen, a courageous orc or even a energetic wizard, I'd be more than happy to join your project! I often join projects based on if I think they have potential as I really enjoy joining something I know will blossom into something great!

If you're interested in having me on-board, please contact me here on CCC or via Twitter! 

  • @deleted86511

    James is an absolutely professional Director, Writer and Voice Actor who does not shy away from any challenges that might occur within and around a project. Whether it is hosting an intensive live direction session or spontaneously completely mastering an episode on his own, James does it passionately with exceptional results.
    There are not many people out there that radiate such a great level of professionalism, know-how and lighthearted sincerity like he does. I just LOVE working for and with him!

  • @thataussieva

    James is an amazingly talented voice actor! He approaches his work with huge amount of enthusiasm which shows in the final product. I had the pleasure of working with him in my fandub of The Making of Kuroshitsuji II and I have to say, he helped make the process a lot easier. He gave me variations on lines and made each of his characters individual. I'd love with work with him in the future!