KezzaChi (Kezzaronia)

KezzaChi (Kezzaronia)

Voice Actor, Minecraft Builder, Variety Streamer, Tokusatsu Youtuber!

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About KezzaChi (Kezzaronia)

I am Kezzachi, a VA on CCC and Youtube, a Minecraft Builder, a TokuTuber and Twitch Streamer. I am now wanting to introduce to you all my first Minecraft Roleplay series and I hope you all enjoy it. My mission is to do a Minecraft Roleplay project for my own channel as I have spent the past 2 years doing for other popular Youtubers on the platform. 

  • @voicesofwynn

    Kezzaronia voiced a pirate for one of our quests and did a wonderful job! She is also kind and great to work with