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Fun fact: he's black

  • @dirty-daniel

    One time, I took him and some others out to the park, I got us some Kool-Aid, Fried Chicken, a nice ripe Watermelon, and some other essential finger foods. We were going to play some B-ball and pig out on the food. I started to the court, and before I knew it, they took all of my shit, my hookers included, they didn't even leave the table cloth! It was disappointing in the moment, and I may of cried, but I had to admit, I was impressed.
    Anyways, the guy is gangster, I can't recommend him enough. 97/100

  • @rixila

    Keep delivered a strong read of his lines and was able to voice with the correct emotions when needed. He is extremely timely with his turnaround time, and does a very good job with improving off of the script in order to make the lines flow with his character. He really brought his character to life throughout the series, and was easy to work with! :)

  • @calbuck-va

    This man is just the absolute BEST!!! He so bloody talented it's not even funny!! And he is AMAZING to work with!! So far he's been involved in three of my projects and he has been nothing but brilliant! He can really bring a character to life with both the voice and the acting! I am so happy to have him apart of my projects! Anyone who needs a really good actor and a sound out friend, he's the guy to go to! Thank you so much again man!