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About Keana

Hey! I'm Keana ♥

I'm Keana! I am a professional actor! ^v^ 
I am 18 years old (23rd of June).

I like to be apart of voice acting projects! :) 

I also enjoy gaming and making music! 

I have a YouTube channel, which is down below. (Linktree)
I'm also British! :>
I also have dyslexia but who cares. ¬^¬

Discord: keana_sings

Enjoy your stay!!

♥ BIO ♥
I'm a bubbly, passionate and caring individual. I love being in projects and helping others when needed. I'm a versatile performer and will be able to do my research and perform my best. My education and my experiences has helped me achieve what I have produce so far and hope for the best!


♥ You may have seen me in... ♥
Freakshow (Lily, Ep 1&2) - ArizonxTake 
Do I Belong (Director/Extra) - GalaxyElise
Among Us Chronicles (Ava, Ep 1) - The Animator
Ollie's Story (Ollie's Mum) - LouiMezDez
Winchester Manor (Granny, Ep 1) - Akio
Backfire (Jill, Trailer) - Star Studios
Kiwi SMP (EVR, Ep 4) - HeroHayden
Youtube Video Content - MrBloxCoins
Youtube Video Content - MiniBloxia
Beth's Story (Frank) - LouiMezDez
The Warden Of The Gateway (Zoey) - @louimezdez

♥ Other Productions... ♥


Many Years Of...

Singing - 5 year - Grade 5

Piano - 5 years - self-taught

Ukulele - 3 year - self-taught

Stage acting - 8 years

voice acting - 3 years

Professional Singing Lessons - Music Service - 2019


Instructed by Mrs Orba

In secondary school, I've had singing lessons for 3 years and able to reach to level 5 of the singing technique. Involving sight reading, scat singing, character songs, and other repertoire. It was 20 minute lessons per week which was high quality vocal tuition.

The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts - 2016

Performing Arts

Instructed by Pauline Quirke

I have been with The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts for 10 years since I was 7 years old. I have learnt how to stage act in Comedy and Drama and I also have learnt how to be behind the camera and being in crew side of things in Film and TV. However, I've learnt how to sing and dance in Musical Theatre as well to musical songs. As well, having the opportunities to perform in London on Her Majesty Theatre in West End and red carpet, cinema screenings of our film we done throughout the year and having west end workshops with professional industry people.

College Course - 2024

Performing Arts: Musical Theatre

Instructed by

At college, I've study Musical Theatre with a grade of __. The Performing Arts: Musical Theatre Diploma gives the chance
to explore and develop my practical skills and repertoire whilst
focusing on working in the industry. After studying the Performing
Arts Diploma, I have experience researching, planning events,
learning about influential practitioners, performing in a range of
styles for numerous audiences and being prepared to work in the
industry. I have been taught by subject specialists with experience
within the Industry. 


I'm available to do free projects to build up my experience in Voice Acting

Lead Character: (Defer by how many line)
Minor Characters: (Defer by how many line)

Extra Characters: Around £10

What Keana is looking for


~ OC Characters

~ Genshin impact (Piamon)/ Miraculous ladybug (Tikki)/ Steven Universe (Spinel)/ Yandere sim (Osana)

~Voice Singing Role
~Villain Characters OR Cute Chiba Characters OR Main Character

**Direct message me if you want me in your projects**

  • @4devi0kat4

    From the audition I received from Keana, it was very well done. Seems like a very lovely person and great VA!

  • @luckyplays92

    Her voice was incredible to hear! She is a great asset to my series and I can't wait to see what else she comes out with in the future!

  • @le00nix

    Keana is a very adequate voice actor, she really express the character just by using her voice. When you get to know her she is very funny and enjoyable to be around. She also played the piano and ukulele very well as well as her singing. Definingly recommend Keana to be part of your project.

  • @Hamster_Lover

    Someone on discord recommend Keana to me, and we met in a discord server and she teaches musical and voice acting!!!!! She is AMAZING at voice acting and loves to teach people! I recommend her if you have a project that needs VA or a musical Project !

  • @louimezdez

    Keana is an amazing girl she is very good at singing she can do so many different styles! She is also very good at voice acting! She recently voiced a character in my project and it was amazing! I can’t wait to do more with keana in future! ADD HER NOW!!

  • @Ryamino

    I have known Keana since we were on a project together and she has many talents, including voice acting and singing. She has a real passion for her work and is brilliant at what she does! Keana/10

  • @w0wahh

    though we haven't done our project yet they are wonderful by just being them!!

  • @xcutebunnies

    Keana voices Jill in Ash and I's SSO project!! She's so talented and honestly such a sweetheart to be around. It's a pleasure working with her!

  • @ramijuicy

    “She’s truly A good friend to talk to! And a Good singer I always enjoy her company whenever we talk” Nelson O Ramirez

  • @SuperBadVoiceActor

    I've known Keana for a whole 2 weeks, and in that time she has shown an overwhelming amount of soul, personality and passion for her craft. I believe she will do big things, if you give her the chance.

  • @vxifyy

    Keana is really nice as a person in general.

  • @DuneFan22

    Keana is the creator of a project (The Kingdom's Curse), that they casted me as an ensemble member for, and I have to say that they are one of the best, one of the most caring, and one of the most passionate and dedicated project creators that I ever have had the fortune to meet. 

    If you ever get the chance to work with them on a project, take that chance ten times out of ten!