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About ollie<3

My name is bella but I go by Ollie online. I play Minecraft, and have been since I was around 7 years old. Writing first started out as a hobby, but quickly turned into a passion of mine. Which now, I make roleplay videos!

I currently have one ongoing project, called "Echos of Tomorrow" but will have many more in the future! We are looking for voice actors, body actors, builders, and even a moderation team! Check out our CCC for more information! <3
You can contact me..
Through discord: thespian.nest
Through Gmail: [redacted]
OR.. CCC! (You're here!)


Everything I do is completely free of charge (for now) As this is mainly just for fun!

What ollie<3 is looking for

We are looking for talented people to participate in our Minecraft Roleplay videos! They are mainly cinematic, and will require voice actors, body actors, and builders! We are also looking for a moderation team to moderate our Discord!

  • @ashmustang

    Bella and I are both Directors on our SSO project and she even manages a Minecraft VA Roleplay called Crossing Over! She also has a really talented voice 😍