Katy Webb

Katy Webb

They/Them- X-ray tech and aspiring voice actor - RPG fanatic

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About Katy Webb

Welcome to my page! My name is Katy and I'm an x-ray tech, Fallout 4 modder/content creator, and amature voice actor based in Tampa, FL.


As I am just starting out, I am happy to work on most projects for free, though payment is always appreciated.

What Katy Webb is looking for

I'm happy to do almost any project - just reach out to me if you are interested!.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Katy Webb approached me on Discord after I sent out an all-call for female VAs for a FNV mod of mine. The role was for female counterparts for the Marked Men faction in Lonesome Road. Suffice to say, Katy Webb - a self proclaimed amateur - performed at a professional level. Not only did she set herself a deadline, but she met that deadline without any trouble. The work she provided was excellent - she even created extra takes so I could pick and choose what I preferred and furthermore, for a self-proclaimed amateur, her set up produced the best quality I've ever heard from an "amateur".

    In short, I think Katy Webb has a decent future with voice acting, and I believe you should take her on should she audition for your project.