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About katgamez2000

Heyo! I'm Kat!

I'm a college student studying voice over/theatrical stage work professionally!

  • @stealthobject29

    She has an amazing voice rang and is all around a pleasure to work with!

  • @calbuck-va

    I only have one word to describe Kat...... AMAZING!!!!!!

    She plays Lori Grimes in my TWD Comic Dub series and she kills it!! She really brings a great uniqueness to the character and she really makes the character likable!! She also plays little Sophia in TWD! And by Christ she hits all the marks for that too!! Kat has played other roles for my upcoming original zombie animated show but that'll take a while to show! She did an outstanding job there too!

    I'm so lucky to have her apart of the team and I just want to say thank you so much Kat! Well bloody done!!

  • @xaviersims

    Kat was fun to work with in my most recent project, and I look forward to doing so again soon!