I'll always give it 110% with enthusiasm and my own dose of craziness!

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About Katastrophy

Hi there, I am a new to the world of voice acting but always determined to do my best in whichever role I am thrown into. I'm friendly, creative and can easily get into character once I've been given a script and short description of the character.

So far I have voice acted in the following roles:

The Shattered Crown (Finished)

Bliss Highwind

Season 3, Episode 4 (Dark Eyes)

Season 3, Episode 9 (Sunset)

Jake and Mitzi (Finished)

Mitzi Evans

Red Tears: Unravelled (Finished)

News Reporter #2



-  - - - -

Harley Quinn (Ongoing)

Harley Quinn

Episode 1 (untitled)

Minecraft Doctor Who (Ongoing)

The Collector

Season 4, Episode 3 (untitled)

Season 4, Episode 4 (untitled)

Season 4, Episode 7 (untitled)

Season 4, Episode 8 (untitled)

Reverance (Ongoing)

Rose Lowell

Pilot Episode

Episode 1

Episode 2

Spider-Man: Amazing Fantasy

Aunt May

Episode 1 - (WAKE UP)

The Heist (Ongoing)


Episode 2

The Joker Minecraft Animated Film (Ongoing)

Vicki Vale

The Outsiders (Ongoing)

Amanda Harrow

Episode 1

Veugate City (Ongoing)

Drew Fernandez


- - - - -

The Ferocious Five (On Hiatus)


Episode 1 -  (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Episode 2 (untitled)

Episode 3 (untitled)

Episode 4 (untitled)

Episode 5 (untitled)

Episode 6 (untitled)

Episode 7 (untitled)

Episode 8 (untitled)

Episode 9 (untitled)

Episode 10 (untitled)

- - - - -

Spider-Man 2 Machinima (Cancelled)

Mary-Jane "MJ" Watson

Whisperers (Cancelled)

Episode 1
Episode 2 (unaired)

  • @braigar

    Kata is dedicated and passionate VA who will make sure she provides you the voice preformance you are looking for.

  • @stealthobject29

    Kata is a great person to work with and a very motivated voice actress. She does her best to try and portray the character how the director and herself may see them and nails it every time.

  • @0n3appl3

    Kata is an enthusiastic voice actor who pours a lot of heart and soul into her lines. She did really well as a News Reporter in Red Tears: Unravelled and almost sounded as if she really was one - confident and well-spoken. I enjoy working with her and I hope to cast her again in future projects!

  • @joyfuldemon01

    Kata voices the character 'Torment' in my Minecraft machinima The Ferocious Five, and it's almost like the role was made for her. This could be both her skill or her ferocious intent towards people, but I still think of her as an amazing voice actress!

  • @lordskilled

    Kata is an incredibly talented and kind voice actress & script editor. She voiced the character Queen Evelyn in my Minecraft Machinima series 'The Final Reign' for 6 episodes. Her work is always of high quality and I had a blast working with her!