John Whinfield

John Whinfield

Australian Actor and Writer. Looking for work!

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About John Whinfield

He/Him. Voice actor, writer, and lunatic hailing from a land down under. Heard in: #FallenAces, #EmesisBlue, #MagentaHorizon, #HornedCookGola, #TinAndPoncho, #FalloutLondon, and more!.


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What John Whinfield is looking for

Any work you have for me, I'll tackle. Narration and Character Work are my strong suits, but I've been known to dabble in promotional voiceovers. I am very flexible; just let me know what you need! 

  • @raven22

    He delivered quality work promptly, would recommend!

  • @elithecomicdubber

    John Has a Incredible Voice When it Comes To Voicing Spamton, Heck, I Bet He’d Be Great at Voicing at A lot of Characters! Without Him Voicing In This FanDub, I don’t think the video would have turned out as Good as it did With Him In It. If Your Looking For a voice Actor who is Great at What He Does! He’s Your Guy!

  • @socalashez

    This is my number one recommendation for the Sands of Slumber RPG Steam Game. Every actor has been amazing, and John is no exception. He auditioned for and received the DM role which had hundreds of voice lines and he produced consistent good results over the course of the project. He has a unique method to sending in lines where he reads the whole script live, including edits and retakes. His method is flawless and his attention to detail is extremely commendable. Any project would be lifted by having John on your team!