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I am an aspiring voice actor who wants, dearly, to make this into a career. 

  • @david-alexander

    Joshua is an amazing VA who I have worked with since 2017. Josh is determined, talented and can adapt into a role, not to mention, timely and authentic.

    Joshua is not only enthusiastic about his voicework, but about every project he is a part of! Really glad to have him on my Audio Dramas!

  • @deleted296738

    Joshua auditioned for my production of "Short Order" and gave an absolutely wonderful performance. He made my casting call a real challenge and while I ended up selecting another actor for the part, I absolutely know this guy has talent! I really like the fact that he is professional and sent me his casting call on time. I know I have a role out there for him and most likely will just cast him rather than make him audition. :) He would be a most welcome addition to any production company and after reading David Alexander's comments, I am now interested in checking out Joshua's voice work in his production! A++ performer!