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About JHVA

Voice acting for me is a creative outlet and a passion where I get to create content that allows people to connect to a voice in a relatable way. My goal and ambition as an actor is to make every role believable, authentic, and relatable.

I am working to continue to build up my art and share it with the world


JHVA are my initials with "voice actor" at the end. It reminded me of coffee, thus the coffee logo. But I personally remind myself of coffee. I can have many different flavors, sometimes cold sometimes hot. Sometimes sweet sometimes bitter. But overall I hope I as an actor can be loved and as unique as a cup of Java.

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

https://voiceactingclub.com/#Indie%20Rate%20Guide -This will be what I will base my rates on for indie projects.

https://globalvoiceacademy.com/gvaa-rate-guide-2/ - This is what I will quote for on large commercial projects.

What JHVA is looking for

Fun projects that are consistently uploading. Would love to be involved consistently as a character for a project.

  • @roancamille

    I'm gonna give this person his first reccomendation cuz he's that good. I worked on him on a birthday special for a friend and he's wonderful 💙 He not only sent the lines on time, but he was also willing to make drafts and adjust to some things ti'll everything is perfect. I will definitely hire this person again for my other future projects and I suggest you do too cuz he's passionate abt VA-ing and provides quality voices!

  • @kuroujjii

    JHVA recently auditioned for one of my projects and I must say that I was really impressed with his prompt delivery of lines and communication. He's professional, understanding, and great to work with.  Definitely would recommend this VA for anyone's projects!  Keep up the great work, JHVA!

  • @mavvo

    JHVA showed the upmost patience and understanding when given directions on delivering lines for our project. He has dedication, loyalty, and a hard working demeanor that any project manager would enjoy having. His delivery time is less than 24 hours for some lines. You will not go wrong with JHVA.

  • @socalashez

    JHVA voices Tre V'or in our Sands of Slumber: The RPG Steam game. His audition for another character in the game was excellent and he was happy to adapt to another role throughout the casting process. He was an active participant in framing the supporting character and provided clear and funny lines. I have no doubt that he would be a benefit in any project!